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Activity Based

Activity-based working (ABW) is a method for enhancing the efficiency of work processes and using workplaces more effectively.

  • The work process defines the way the space is organised.
  • Alternating between working alone and in the team.
  • Highly flexible office infrastructure as and when work and processes change.

ABW forms the basis of the CBRE vision of new ways of working.


Places for working instead of workplaces

With ABW, employees are no longer tied to a particular workplace Cut. Instead, they perform their tasks in a variety of places. These include quiet places for concentrated work, public places of encounter for informal meetings, group rooms and meeting rooms – the appropriate location for every form of activity.   

The aim is to improve productivity and employee satisfaction and keep operating costs low by promoting interaction and communication and by offering flexible working arrangements and a healthy working environment.

The following are examples of applied activity-based working:

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