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Cut/Film editing involves cutting things out/something that happens in life, and regularly in the corporate world/It can be a painful process, especially if it comes as a surprise/But it can be liberating and laden with opportunity if it’s something one initiates/New ways of working. 


More joy
per sq m

None of us is working any less than before. We find ourselves more and more in the office, at a desk, in a meeting room. That’s why work space concepts also have to be efficient in their use of space, as well as cost-effective. Most importantly, they must support the activities and work processes of employees. 

After all, a well-designed work environment has a positive effect on employee performance, satisfaction and health. If everything is in harmony, it projects a good image of the employment market. 

Time to develop new ways of working. From concept to planning and design to managing the places in which we like to work. 

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Paths to

What leads to success at the workplace and of the company? We’re all aware of models, explanations, experiments. CBRE customers know the method Cut that works: activity-based working. Two key terms connected with these innovative office concepts: agile workflow and healthy conditions.

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Wonderful new world of work

The vision of new ways of working. Implemented with the activity-based working method. We can show you in person how well it works Cut. Welcome to the Ambassador House showroom in Zurich Nord. 

Visit us, arrange a Cut personal tour and experience the spatial effect of new ways of working at close quarters. 

Coming soon – a virtual tour of the showroom

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The future
has no time

No time for waiting, no time for procrastinating. The future marches ever onwards, Cut so get up to speed. Be proactive and realise the potential of your company by exploiting new ways of working and activity-based working. 

And seek advice. Take advantage of the know-how of our internationally experienced consultants. Visions and values, corporate targets and operational processes, IT and networking.

They are also happy to talk with your employees, where the greatest untapped potential lies for Cut sustainable change management and Cut innovative workplace concepts. 

Contact us and arrange a personal meeting – no obligation, yet highly informative. 
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